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URAD Leather Conditioner 5 oz



5 oz

In all the years we've been working with leather, we've never found a leather care product like this one! This stuff is amazing! URAD® cleans, moisturizes, protects and shines in 30 seconds without buffing. It’s 100% natural and biodegradable. It also protects against water, salt, calcium and mold problems. It removes many stains, protects, and revives all colors of leather, going down deep into the leather, restoring it’s natural properties. A little goes a very long way and it has a long shelf life.

The following is probably the best description I've ever read- of why you need to keep your leather conditioned and why you should use a quality leather care product to restore leather. No mink oil, etc. This contribution is from the people at "Back In Time Leatherworks".

"Leather is a skin, with fibers and pores, that requires proper natural lubrication and needs to breathe. Because it no longer has a body to provide proper natural oils, we must provide these oils for it. The key to extending the useful life of your leather is restoring it with proper oils. But not all "natural" oils are proper for leather care. Unfortunately, many products claiming to be conditioners or preservatives are not. They contain harmful chemicals, mink oil, petroleum, pine tar, or alcohol to soften or waterproof leather. They soften by weakening or decomposing the fibers and they waterproof by sealing the pores. They're low priced but definitely not economical when you consider the damage done to fibers, stitching, and glues. Ironically, these "preservatives" actually shorten the useful life of your leather!"

At Leather CARE Specialists we use and sell only URAD products. They are award winning products created in Italy and while there are probably other great products on the market, these are the best we have ever found!

HOW TO USE URAD: Inside each jar is a sponge, squeezed in tight between the lid and a second protective lid. Put some Urad on your sponge and wipe off any excess Urad on the side of the jar. Apply in a circular motion. It will appear wet, shiny, and feel a little tacky until it dries. If you want to apply a second coat you can, it is better to apply two light coats and let it dry between each coat, than to put it on heavy.

If your garment is fairly dirty, start with AQUILA Leather Shampoo by Urad.

Here's a note from one of our customers:

Dear Dena,
Your product is much more than advertised. I bought an Eastman Leathers A 2 several years ago. It hasn't held up well. It's scratched, stained and dried out. Your product brought it back to life!
Thanks again,
Duncan Pollard

URAD Leather Conditioner

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