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Drumstick Bag




Hand cut and individually sewn for you at Great Leather - here in the USA!

Designed by a professional drummer for the professional drummer, our leather drumstick bag is:

  • Constructed of super-nice-feeling cowhide, strong enough to last for years
  • Seams will not come loose to let sticks or pricey brushes slip through
  • It will not tear or crack like nylon or vinyl
  • It has no zippers that break or scratch your set
  • Sharp ended items will not wear through the pockets
  • The pockets stretch to accommodate the number of sticks
  • It's designed for quick change-outs on a dark stage
  • Easy to carry and protects your sticks
  • It'll look great on your drum set
  • Personalized name label
  • Click here for MORE INFO and a VIDEO!

The Great Leather Drumstick Bag was designed with the thought in mind to hold plenty of sticks and mallets (pockets stretch to accommodate more sticks) without being so large that your sticks hang out sideways if you don't choose to keep it full.

These custom drumstick bags are made to order. Please allow up to three weeks to ship. Thank you!

Comes in Black, Rich Brown, Wine. Note your color preference under "Special Instructions" when you confirm your order.

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